FXLion FX-PD130 USB-C Fast Charger 130W

Key Features
  • Maximum output is 130W
  • 4-ch outputs can work at the same time
  • With PD fast charge agreement.


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Features & Compatibility

This 130W USB-C Fast Charger is charging your batteries in no time. It is easy to carry around and can be used on all of our Batteries with a USB-C input. You can also use it to power your laptop, tablet, or phone directly. With a total of four Outputs, you can charge all your devices simultaneously. This charger is perfectly suited for our NANO Battery Series! You can of course use it for your Apple MacBook or any other USB-C compatible computer.

While this USB-C Charger features 130W of Output Power, it is split up to the 4 channels. With two channels, you can get a total of 65W out. On one Channel, the maximal output power is specified at 30W. The possibility to put four 30W channels in a small sized charger is because of a new technology that doesn’t heat up the electronics as much and thus is more efficient in converting AC to DC power.

The Charger features a black design and easy to use plug. To change the plug, you can simply slide the according one on top of the built-in US plug. This makes it a very convenient option for travelling in different countries.

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