PolarPro QuartzLine FX Mist Filter (1/4 Diffusion)

Key Features
  • Near 1/4 Diffusion
  • Soften Skin Tones and General Blemishes
  • Cinema Series Glass Optics
  • Brass Frame
  • Resistance Coating


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Features & Compatibility

The PolarPro QuartzLine FX Mist Filter adds atmospheric illumination to everyday light, eliminating the harsh oversharp look of digital sensors. The mist filter provides near 1/4 diffusion to help soften skin tones and general scene blemishes while still retaining image sharpness. The threaded filter features 16 layers of coating for protection from scratches, water, and oil, and it comes with a Defender360 protective case for optimal protection when not in use.

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Filter Type


Thread Size

67mm, 77mm, 82mm

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