ORCA OR-34 Audio Mixer Bag

Key Features
  • For Sound Devices 664, 688, 702 & 788
  • For Zaxcom Nomad or Nomad+FP8+Zaxnet
  • Holds up to 10 to 12 Wireless Receivers
  • Access to Gear from Six Directions
  • Sliding System Secures Mixer
  • Top Clear TPU for Easy Viewing
  • Battery Pocket with Extra Fittings
  • Detachable Handles & Shoulder Strap
  • Pockets, Pouches, and Bungee Cords


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Features & Compatibility

The ORCA OR-34 is an audio mixer bag designed to hold and protect your audio mixer and up to 10 to 12 wireless receivers while providing easy device access and generous accessory storage. It is compatible with popular mixers/recorders such as the Sound Devices 664 plus CL6, 688 plus CL8, 702, 788 plus CL8, the Zaxcom Nomad, and the Zaxcom Nomad plus FP8 and Zaxnet.

The bag's aluminum frame allows for access to the gear from six directions and its bright blue polyester lining provides easy viewing of the equipment. The top clear TPU allows you to see your gear without opening the bag. The bag features two pockets for accessory storage, front bungee cords to hold a boompole or cables, external detachable pouches, and 9 rubber bands to support your wireless system.

The rubber battery fittings secure your battery in place while the interior sliding system secures your gear. The bag also features detachable carrying handles and a shoulder strap and can be connected to the ORCA Harness (available separately) for easier carrying.

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Shoulder Bag

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