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Although many zoom lenses are labeled as "macro" that designation generally refers only to moderately close focusing ability. With a few exceptions, such zooms are not adequate for a dramatic frame-filling image unless the subject is quite large. (A few tele macro zoom lenses are capable of much higher magnification, however.) On the other hand, true macro lenses can focus extremely close, for very high magnification. And, because they're optimized for great sharpness in extreme close focusing, they can provide superior image quality.

A few macro lenses are designed only for moderate 0.5x magnification, but most can produce full 1x magnification, also called a 1:1 reproduction ratio. The new Tokina AT-X 100mm f/2.8 PRO D lens falls into the 1x category. A special helicoid shifts internal elements, moving the optical center further from the film plane--closer to the subject--for greater magnification. When focused to 11.8" it can reproduce a tiny subject as life size on a 35mm film frame or a full-frame digital sensor. Mount the lens on a digital camera with a smaller sensor and it provides higher "apparent magnification," as discussed in our Magnification Issues sidebar. 

This multi-platform lens is optimized for digital capture but it's just as suitable for film photography. It benefits from entirely new types of multilayered coatings to minimize internal flare. That's important because a silicon sensor (and its protective glass cover) is far more reflective than photographic film. When light reflects from the almost mirror-like surface, it bounces to the rear lens element and may create flare that degrades image contrast and apparent sharpness. In extremely bright light, internal reflections can also cause "ghosting" (reflections in the shape of the lens diaphragm), most noticeable when shooting at very wide apertures. 

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